Best Bakery Courses in Delhi – Truffle Nation’s Baking Classes

If you are passionate about baking, I am sure owning a bakery or cafe has been your dream for years. But if you thought you will have to spend lakhs on enrolling for a course outside of India to learn the best of cookies, cakes, macrons, French Pastries, etc. I am glad you found this site.

What I am going to tell you here will make finding the best bakery courses in Delhi easy, in turn, not only save you tons of time but also money (trust me, you will be thanking me later).

Hey, my name is Sheryl and my love for baking began while baking Christmas cakes with my mom. And just like many of you, I also wanted to further develop my skills and own a home baking business.

After all, the idea of being your own boss and turning your passion into a real profitable business is quite tempting, isn’t it?

But like many beginners, I also had no clue where to begin and that is scary AF. And even if I did learn baking from somewhere how do I sell my items? How do I price the cakes and cupcakes or hire people?. (ugh so many questions and so little answers).

Going out of the country and spending 40-50 lakhs for baking courses was out of the question.

Now, I had been trying to learn recipes from YouTube videos and books but soon realized that if I really wanted to learn baking in-depth and bake jaw-dropping cakes and pastries, I need expert guidance.

That is when I signed up for a few workshops but as it turns out, they were pretty much the same. Packed in with loads of people, we were only showed to bake a few recipes with little to do except take notes.

That led me to look at the best bakery classes in Delhi

But then again, most schools in Delhi didn’t have proper professional courses. I would have to sign up for 8-10 short-term courses at different schools in order to learn everything I wanted to which was not only confusing but also very expensive.

The few that did provide Diplomas and Certification courses were costing around 6-7 lakhs.

And some schools were an outright no because they either didn’t have the infrastructure or the classes were packed with students.

But I wasn’t giving me up on my dream just yet and little did I know my luck was about to change.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon while scrolling through my Instagram I came across Truffle Nation and thought to myself, Okay, why not give them a check as well.

Their Instagram was pretty impressive so I did a quick search and read reviews about them online and on their website.

I read about their students Stanzein and Nilza who went to open successful businesses and I knew straight away, I have to pay them a visit.

So I put in callback request within a day I received a call, was forwarded the Brochure through WhatsApp and later even given a date and time to come to pay a visit.

And here’s what I loved about Truffle Nation

(and why they offer the best bakery Courses in Delhi)


1. Courses for everyone

Firstly, Truffle Nation offered part-time bakery courses for hobbyists and long-term professional courses in the form of Diploma and Baker’s Certification Course (ideal for anyone wanting to make a career out of baking)

Their Diploma and Certification courses were priced way lesser than some of the other schools I had previously checked out.

Not just that, the course also took much lesser time without compromising on practical or theoretical details.

2. it was all hands-on

The best part about the training was that we were doing each and every step whether it was mixing, kneading, putting in/taking out trays from the over Yup, their hands-on approach to learning is amazing. It is like learning on the job.

3. I got individual attention

For every 4-5 students, Truffle Nation assigns one professional chef that guides you throughout the day thus every student gets individual attention where needed.

And the teachers show immense patience and dedication which is amazing in itself (here in training, there are so silly doubts or questions).

4. Other Benefits

I even got to take home everything I baked to share with my family and friends. Also, I had the option of paying the fees for my diploma course in installments which was a huge plus.

But that wasn’t it. They also covered this important skill-set

Making a career out of baking isn’t just about baking quality stuff, it is also about selling. In short, a business is only worth it if it is profitable and Truffle Nation understands that.

This is why they are one of the few (if not the only) to have Deep Dive Marketing sessions as part of their curriculum as well.

Under the guidance of Karan sir, I also learned to do market research, run ads online, test products, etc.

There were also detailed sessions on the pricing of goods, hiring, etc. I pretty much found an answer to all the doubts and suddenly, it wasn’t all so scary at all. And is one of the major reasons they are top of my list for the best bakery classes in Delhi.

Oh, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Here’s what their other students have to say.


Even the army has high praise for them


I completed my Diploma just a month back where I learned a variety of cookies, cakes, travel cakes, chocolates, Europeans pastries and bread, Chocolate sculpture and even Indian Confectionaries.

I am still in touch with the teachers and Karan sir. They have been constant support even after my course in helping me plan for my upcoming business.

You’ll be hearing all about that in-time. Till then stay tuned and if you are also looking for the best baking classes in Delhi, Truffle Nation, at the least, is worth the visit.

The baking classes are in Malviya Nagar and Saket. To get more details about Truffle Nation course fees and timings, you can check out their website or just give them a call 😉 .