Best Bakery Classes in Bangalore for 2020

Best Bakery Courses in Bangalore for 2020

We already told you about the top bakery classes in Delhi but what if you live in Bangalore? Well, guess what, it is another dream city for you aspiring bakers.

That is because of the presence of some amazing baking classes. Whether you live in Koramangala, Whitefield or Indiranagar, there is a baking school near you that is worth the money. So without wasting much time, let’s dig right into the best bakery courses in Bangalore.

Best Bakery Courses in Bangalore


#1:Whitecaps International School Of Pastry

Looking for baking classes in Bangalore Kormangala? Then Whitecaps is the place to be as they have courses for everyone. Yup, from weekend classes, classes for eggless cakes and pastries to full-time courses, they have got it all.

For us, their Excellence Course is a standout. That is because they not only give students over 500 hours of hands-on training but also provide 6 months of intensive training at some of the best hotels in the country and 1-week of Entrepreneurship Experience.

Furthermore, food photography is also part of their training program which is essential for both your social media and your website (a skill not many baking schools teach you).

#2: Lavonne Academy of Baking Science

Lavonne is another baking school that is well-known across India and that is mainly because of their Diploma and certification courses. Their Diploma is affiliated with City and Guilds, London but that’s not the only thing giving you the edge in an otherwise competitive industry.

During the Diploma, you are provided with 960 hours of intensive practical and theoretical training. Once you are done with the course, you also get internship and placement opportunities depending on your skill level.

Plus, working at the Lavonne student cafe gives you a first-hand experience of running and managing a live kitchen, perfectly setting you up for the future whether you plan to start a cafe or set up a home bakery in India.

So if you wanted baking classes in Bangalore Indiranagar, they definitely warrant a visit.

#3: Shruti’s Cooking Classes

For you aspiring chefs and bakers in Whitefield, Shruti’s Cooking Classes are the best baking classes in Whitefield. From cupcakes, pies, and tarts, bread, cookies to even Mughlai, Chinese and Italian cuisines, there is plenty you can learn here.

The only drawback is that these are all part-time courses though if you are working and cannot take an off or quit, you will be happy to know that weekend batches are readily available.

The training remains hands-on and the school is equipped with all modern machines and ingredients of the finest quality.

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#4: ASK Institute of Bakery & Confectionery

Located on Hosur Road, this is another school that gives you the chance to earn your Diploma and Certification in baking. And while they too offer 600+ hours of training, it is their scholarships that standout.

The scholarships can vary from Rs. 10,000 to Rs, 25,000 depending on how well you score in the entrance exam held by ASKIHMCA and your high school final exam.

Also, completing the course with high marks increases your chances of being placed at some of the top 5-star hotels in India (just in case you are not yet ready to run a business).

So there’s our list of the best baking classes in Bangalore. If you have any recommendations or think we missed out any details about the existing schools, do write to us below in the comments section below.

Best bakeries in Delhi for 2020

Bakeries in Delhi You DO NOT Want to Miss out On

Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary or any special occasion, cakes for us have become for than just a dessert. They are a symbol of happiness and celebration and these moments of joy deserve the very best.

And to get the very best of cakes you can trust only the very best of bakeries, right? But these bakeries aren’t just limited to cakes. You can find a range of lip-smacking baked desserts here.

So what are these bakeries and their specialties? If you are in Delhi and want to be one of the top food Instagram Influencers,  here are 4 bakeries you do not want to miss out on in 2020.

Best Bakeries in Delhi for 2020


1. Wenger’s


Wenger's Bakery in Delhi

Whether you have been in Delhi for years or moved a couple of months back it is almost impossible to have not heard about Wenger’s. After all, it is one of the oldest bakeries there is.

Yes, it has been there even before India’s independence and to date serves some of the tastiest desserts (trust me, their waffles are to die for).

The only problem with this place is that the seating is limited. So if you plan on visiting here on a weekend make sure you reach early and grab onto your seat ASAP.

Apart from the waffles even their Plum cake and Choco éclair are worth a shot. They are inexpensive compared to other bakeries making it a very pocket-friendly option.

Location: Connaught Place

2. Whipped


If you are looking to make your order for cakes and pastries online then Whipped is hands down one of the best options. But they aren’t limited to just that, you can also visit them and enjoy some cupcakes and muffins at their store.

But the one thing you really want to try here is the Cheesecake. The Red Velvet Cheesecake with Whipped Hot Chocolate/Baileys Cappuccino is a favorite and for a

good reason. Even the other cheesecakes are good. Yes, they are on the higher side when it comes to cost, but one bite of it and you will have your money’s worth. They also have a good range of mini-cupcakes and other gift hampers that are worth checking out during the festive period.

Location: Greater Kailash 2.

3. Choko La


If you love chocolate and I mean quality chocolates, Choko La is just the place you need to be at. Their premium range of handcrafted chocolates will cost you higher but they are worth every rupee spent and make for the ideal gifts during Diwali or other special occasions such as anniversaries, etc.

They also have a dine-in facility and if you want to charge up your day with some hot chocolate, their’s is sure to make you come back for more and more.

Choko La was started in 2005 by Miss Vasudha Munjal. After opening multiple branches across Delhi they plan to further expand not just in India but also overseas for which they are investing another 8-10 crores in the coming fiscal year (rest of India, watch out)

Location: Vasant Kunj (but there are other branches as well).