How to set up a home bakery in India

How to Start a Home Bakery in India

If you are passionate about baking and do not have the budget to start a cafe then I am sure you considering running a home business, right?

But starting a home business isn’t all that easy either. In order to succeed you need a strong plan. And to help you with that, we’ll cover some tips and tricks in the article below.

How to Start a Home Bakery in India


Step 1: Make a Plan

The first and foremost step for starting any business is to plan it out first. Whether you do it with a pen and paper or use sophisticated techniques, planning is key.

A good plan for a bakery should include a list of products you intend on selling, the business name, costs, market research information, licenses required, equipment and ingredients needed and so on.

A good plan makes execution a breeze so make sure you put in the right amount of time and effort (do not miss out on any details).

Step 2: Fix Product Prices

Once you have made a list of everything you intend on selling the next important step is to price those items. And make sure you do it right because this is what will determine your profits. If you have done your course from a school like Truffle Nation, you will already have know pricing items.

But if not and you have no knowledge of it then I would recommend you get expert help. You neither want to be undercharging nor overcharging. As a tip, I can tell that when pricing a good factor in the cost of the equipment, ingredients, your time and transportation charges.

Step 3: Get the required equipment

If you do not have an oven, can you even run a baking business? But the oven isn’t the only baking equipment that is a must. Most likely, you already have it but one piece of equipment that you will need to purchase in a stand mixer.

A stand mixer will cost you anywhere between 30k to 60k depending on how big a mixer you buy. For starters, go with the cheapest one from a respectable brand like KitchenAid as it will last you longer and is easy to use.

Apart from that, you will also have to invest in some baking trays, spatulas, additional bowls, piping bags and so on.

Step 4: Marketing

Another benefit of doing your Diploma with Truffle Nation is that they include marketing as part of their curriculum. You will learn how to set up social media channels like Instagram and Facebook, run ads on Google and your social media accounts, the tons you should be using, etc.

In shorts, you’ll know how to create a brand name. But if you have done your elsewhere, a few tips that I can give you, for now, are that use good-quality videos and photographs on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Also, give your regular customers free goodies, discounts, etc.

You do not need a website currently, Instagram and Facebook should get a good amount of orders at the start.

There are also some amazing bakery classes in Bangalore and Mumbai that provide Diplomas and Certification courses that you would want to check out if you do not live in Delhi but keep in mind, none provide the marketing expertise like Truffle Nation.

Step 5: Set up delivery channels

Since you are a home baker and do not want to overspend I would recommend you make deliveries personally. You can covert your car into a CNG to save on fuel expenses. You can further get help from family members.

As and when deliveries increase, you can hire individuals but do not forget to include additional delivery charges to make up for the cost.

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